Spokane Wedding Photographer Matt Shumate

About Matt

Husband. Dad. Photographer. Retired (for now) marathon runner. Music junkie.

I married my best friend 13 years ago & we have 3 girls who are my favorite things in life. Mostly because I’ve fooled them in to thinking I’m pretty awesome. It’s ok, the feeling’s mutual.

It sounds cheesy but I really love people & have been known to get a little sweaty-eyed (as my oldest daughter used to call it) at weddings.

I like to joke & laugh. I’m kind of sarcastic. I wish I was a stand up comic.

I have a BFA in graphic design, but I fell in love with photography while taking a class that was required for my degree. My design background has more to do with how my pictures look than anything I’ve learned about photography.

If I won the lottery, I’d still photograph weddings. It’s who I am. I enjoy the pressure & stress. I love that it’s a combination of many of my photographic loves: documentary, portrait, products, & even pets sometimes. Most of all, I love that I’m commissioned to create very personal art for people based on the relationships that are important to them.

I guarantee if we’re talking about weddings or photography, you’ll have to stop the conversation because I won’t. You can ask my friends.

I was miserable while getting pictures taken as a kid, so I understand why people are shocked when they realize getting pictures taken can be fun.

I’m a little nervous on wedding day—until I pick up my camera—& I love that. If I stop getting that feeling, I’ll find something else to do.